Randall Model 1-8

Randall Model 1-8" with Stag Handle and Brown Button Johnson Sheath. O67.

Price: $1275

SKU#: O67

This nice older Randall Model 1 dates ca. 1967-1972.  The blade measures right at 8" and is of 1/4" high carbon steel.  It has been polished as there is some old very light pitting still visible (see photos), but no rust.  The optional nickel silver guard is followed by 7 spacers, a nice mellow crack free stag handle and an aluminum butt cap with a stainless nut.  The sheath is a Johnson brown button that was dyed after purchase.  NOT a factory dye job, but it looks great.  Very little wear on the sheath and it carries a two-tone bray "COMBINATION CRYSTOLON/MADE IN U.S. OF A." stone.  A very nice Vietnam era knife.  Ask for knife O67.