Randall Model 1-8

Randall Model 1-8" with Stag Handle and Brown Button Johnson Sheath. O67.

Price: $1275

SKU#: O67

This nice older Randall Model 1 dates ca. 1967-1972.  The blade measures right at 8" and is of 1/4" high carbon steel.  It looks to have been polished as there is some old very light pitting still visible (see photos), but no rust.  The optional nickel silver guard is followed by 7 spacers, a nice mellow crack free stag handle and an aluminum butt cap with a stainless nut.  The sheath is a Johnson brown button that was dyed after purchase.  NOT a factory dye job, but it looks great.  Very little wear on the sheath and it carries a two-tone bray "COMBINATION CRYSTOLON/MADE IN U.S. OF A." stone.  A very nice Vietnam era knife.  Ask for knife O67.