Randall Model 18-5 1/2

Randall Model 18-5 1/2", Vietnam Era Knife with Straight Knurled Cap and a RIVITED Johnson Sheath. #O48.

Price: $895

SKU#: O48

Nice old fella here.  This Randall model 18 "Attack-Survival".  Made ca. 1967-72, this is most definitely a "Nam" era knife.  The 5 1/2" blade is of 1/4" stainless steel stock with saw teeth.  No spots or pitting AT ALL.  The knife is named..."Ted Devlet".  The handle exhibits some staining, but no deep pitting or rust.  The "straight line" cap has those tedious 1/2" of fine threads.  There are several dents on the top of the butt cap.  The rivited roughback sheath looks great with no rips or tears, but is a little dry.  Still, a solid sheath with a gray stone.  Overall this is a very nice rivited sheath model 18.  They're not getting any easier (or cheaper) to find.  Killer price!  Ask for knife #O48.