Randall Model 18-5 1/2

Randall Model 18-5 1/2", Older Model with Straight Knurled Cap in a Roughback Johnson Sheath. #N94

Price: $525

SKU#: N94

This is a super nice older Randall model 18, "Attack-Survival" knife, dates from the late 70's to early 80's.  It has a 5 1/2" carbon steel blade of 1/4" stock with saw teeth, a "Straight" knurled brass cap with the older white faced compass and a roughback Johnson sheath with an orange stone.  The blade is near mint with only some light scratches from being inserted and removed from the sheath.  No dark spots or rust at all.  The handle was wrapped in fishing line, tape and paracord when I got it, so there is some residue from the tape on the handle, doesn't hurt anything, but just wanted to mention it.   The roughback sheath is really nice.  Very supple and clean.  There is some darkening at the throat from storing the knife.   Someone wrote "#18/5 1/2" on the back of the sheath in ink.  Ask for knife #N94.