Randall Model 12-13,

Randall Model 12-13, "Raymond Thorp" Bowie with BRASSBACK. N88.

Price: $1899

SKU#: N88

What a dandy!  This Randall "Raymond Thorp" bowie has all the bells and whistles.  The huge 13" blade of 1/4" high carbon steel has the RARE BRASSBACK option.  The forward curved guard is brass as are the scalopped collar and butt cap.  The handle is either brown or black micarta... hard to tell with some of these older knives, so I'll say it's a brownish black micarta.  The blade is nearly perfect except for one small spot on the back side near the tip... see photo #5.  The Johnson roughback sheath tightly stitched and is in really nice condition except it is "mottled" a little, probably from a leather treatment.  No rips or tears in the leather.  The throat is slightly dark from the knife being inserted and stored for a short while.  The stone is a correct unmarked orange stone.  This is probably an early '70s knife.  Thorp bowies with the brassback are HARD to find, especially in this condition.  Ask for knife N88.