Randall Model 18-5 1/2

Randall Model 18-5 1/2", "Attack-Survival" from the 80's with Straight Line Knurled Cap. C54.

Price: $775

SKU#: C54

Preowned Model 18 with a 5 1/2" carbon steel blade with saw teeth.  The blade has been used slightly and sharpened.  The original owners name was factory stamped on the back of the blade.  He was an Army pilot but I could not get documentation from him.  The hilt is brass.  Unknown if the handle is knurled as it is wrapped tith green paracord.  The cap is a "straightline" type which indicates pre- 1986 manufacture.  The sheath is a plain button Sullivan and has had the knife stored in it.  These 30+ year old Randalls are appreciating fast.  Ask for knife #C54.