Randall Model 1-8

Randall Model 1-8", World War II Era with a Moore Sheath. #A29.

Price: $2795

SKU#: A29

Nice old WW II Randall fighter.  The blade is just a tick under 8".  Shows some grind marks on both sides and looks like it's "been there, done that".  Large choil, long thin brass hilt and a tight leather handle.  The cap is a smaller aluminun style with a brass nut and folded brass piece for a lanyard.  The Moore sheath has no loose threads.  There is a small tear at the lower rivit and the stone pouch snap has "pulled thru" but is present.  No stone in the pouch.  On the back of the blade there is a depression (about 1/16" deep) that measures about 1/16" X 1/2".  The blade is not cracked, but something hit the blade with a LOT of force.  Shrapnel???  If only this guy could talk.  A nice WW II Randall.