Zac Buchanan 10 Year

Zac Buchanan 10 Year "Big Bear Bowie" Fully Engraved by Joe Mason with Stag Handle. #A5.

Price: $5500

SKU#: A5

Outstanding large "Big Bear Bowie" by Oregon knifemaker Zac Buchanan (son of former knifemaker Thad Buchanan).  This has a 10" mirror finished blade of1/4" CPM154CM steel, 416 stainless steel guards and butt cap and a great stag handle.  The guard, sub hilt, butt cap, and pins are all engraved by Joe Mason. The escutcheon plates set into the stag slab handles are 14 kt gold and also engraved.  The tooled leather sheath was also made by Zac.  This is a remarkable one of a kind knife by Zac to commorate his 10 years as a knifemaker.  Ask for knife #A5.