Randall Model 12-8

Randall Model 12-8" "Big Bear Bowie" with Stag Handle and More Options. Older Knife. #S81. SALE PENDING.

Price: $750

SKU#: S81

SALE PENDING...Just in on trade!  This is a DANDY.  Older Randall "Big Bear Bowie", model 12-8.  It has an 8" carbon steel blade of 1/4" stock, a forward curved brass guard, scalloped brass collar and coolie cap and a LARGE dyno-mite stag handle.  Really nubby on the back side.  Comes with a smooth back Johnson sheath with no stone pouch which dates this package to ca. 1989-1991.  Can't believe that's 30 years ago!  There is one tiny tiny pin point spot on the blade beneath the logo, but its so small it wouldn't show up in a photograph.  It's smaller than the period at the end of this sentence.  There a couple of micro scratches from being inserted in the sheath, but barely noticable.  The knife was stored some in the sheath (see photo #5), and there are a few handling marks on the back of the sheath, but again, not detracting.  The knife has never been carried, sharpened or used and the sheath has not been on a belt.  Overall, a super clean 30 year old Randall bowie.  Current price for this model with the listed options is $805.00  Ask for knife #S81.