Ruana, Huge 10

Ruana, Huge 10" Blade with Brassback. #R71.

Price: $695

SKU#: R71

This Ruana bowie is awesome!  It has a huge 10" blade of 5/16" stock with a "Brassback" insert.  At the clip of the bowie the blade is a full 2" deep.  This is a heavy duty knife.  Large brass guard with quillions, a smooth elk antler handle and a brass butt cap.  Doesn't look to have ever been carried or sharpened.  The original owner did NOT take very good care of it.  There are several small pits on the front of the blade and a couple on the back side.  With some work it could be brought back to mint.  The original owner hand engraved his name on the back of the blade under the brassback insert.  There is NO sheath.  Priced to sell.  Trades?  Ask for knife #R71.