Randall Model 3-7

Randall Model 3-7", "Hunter", an Older Knife (1989-1991), Set up as a Fighter with SIX Options including Desert Ironwood. #Q61.

Price: $595

SKU#: Q61

This Randall model 3-7" is REEEALY nice.  Never carried or sharpened, but was stored in the sheath a little, so some slight darkening at the throat of the sheath.  This knife has SIX options... you can't order one like it!  The 7" blade is of 1/4" stainless steel stock.  It has a nickel silver model one style double guard, black and aluminum spacers, a very dark nicely figured desert ironwood handle and an aluminum butt cap with thong hole.  The sheath is a smoothback JOHNSON, which dates this package to ca. 1989-1991.  Almost 30 years old!  The sheath is LEFT HAND and has some minor scuffs from handling/storage over the years, but nothing distracting.  IF you could order a 6 option knife like this today it would run $600.  I'm offering this OLDER knife just below that price!  Won't be another exactly like this one.  Ask for knife #Q61.