Randall Model 13-12,

Randall Model 13-12, "Arkansas Toothpick", Old Knife with Stag Handle in Brown Button Johnson Sheath. #Q54.

Price: $495

SKU#: Q54

This older Randall model 13-12 has been around!  The blade is very worn (see photos) and there is barely evidence of the grind lines remaining.  However, the blade measures a FULL 12"... it has not been tipped.  The guard is "Old style" and measures just over 4" wide.  The handle is stag with no cracks, and a brass butt cap.  This might be an unmarked "KIT" knife, but the soldering looks to be factory as are the spacers (3 thick and 2 thin).  The sheath is a brown button Johnson in excellent + condition, but no stone.  The sheath alone is worth a couple hundred bucks.  If you want something to carry or purchase your first brown button Randall bowie then this is for you.  Ask for knife #Q54.