Randall Model 18-7 1/2

Randall Model 18-7 1/2" "Attack-Survival", Older Solingen Blade with Pinched Tube and Crutch Tip Cap. #P56.

Price: $1200

SKU#: P56

This is a very nice 60's Randall model 18.  The blade measures 7 5/8" and is made of Solingen stainless steel.   The blade has been polished at some point as the "STAINLESS" stamping across the width of the ricasso is very faint.  There are no pits or rust on the knife.   It has the pinched tube handle with the correct "20" over "1" crutch tip cap.  The sheath is a rivited Johnson roughback that has the initials "RWS" stamped below the stone pouch.  I am not certain if the rivits are original or were added by someone.  They look like factory rivits, 2 large ones at the top and 3 smaller ones at the sides and the bottom and two small ones at the very top of the sheath, but you decide.  If they were added, they have been on it a LONG time.  The stone is a correct two tone gray, but it has been heavily used.  Ask for knife #P56.